Dietitian Amelia White. Picture: PATRICK GEE
Dietitian Amelia White. Picture: PATRICK GEE

How to avoid too much food and drink at home

HOW do you fight off the urge to open the fridge 20 times a day while working from home?

And is it possible to not put on "corona calories" while hunkering down? The Mercury has put these questions to dietitian Amelia White.

"My number one tip is to keep a routine," says Ms White. "Keeping yourself occupied is one the best defences against wayward eating.

"Outside of work, that could be reading or doing crosswords or spending time with your pet. They're all useful ways to take your mind off eating."

Ms White, the principal dietitian of Pathway Nutrition at Launceston, says being stuck at home is not all doom and gloom for those wanting to stay healthy and active.

"This is potentially a good chance to look at your health from a different viewpoint.

"Now may be an opportunity to cook fresh meals more or do more gardening.

"It could also be a good time to include kids in the cooking process to show them the importance of healthy eating.

Ms White says while it's not uncommon for people to turn to comfort foods in times of stress, it's important to look after our own health and nutrition, as well as those around us: "We all have to support each other. This is a time where we take stock to look after not only ourselves but also other people in the community. One way to support each other is through good nutrition. Consider buying fresh vegies or fruit for neighbours or the elderly who can't get out."


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Originally published as How to avoid too much food and drink at home