SAFE drivers will be given discounted licences under a new incentive scheme to save lives being proposed by the LNP.

Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington will on Saturday announce a Frecklington Government will create a new 10-year gold driving licence for the state's best drivers.

Under the plan, drivers who have not accumulated any demerit points in the decade leading up to their licence renewal will be rewarded with a 10-year licence for the cost of the standard five-year licence, which currently costs $183.95.

It's thought about 2.8 million drivers aged between 27 and 75 would be eligible.

The announcement comes amid a spike in road deaths, which are 20 per cent higher now than this time last year.


About 2.8 million Queensland drivers would be eligible for the discount under the plan.
About 2.8 million Queensland drivers would be eligible for the discount under the plan.


There have been more than 185 deaths on Queensland roads so far this year, compared to 155 the same time last year.

Police have said the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 were causing a spike in the number of fatalities, as holidaying at home meant an increase in long distance road trips and visits to remote areas.

Some road users are disobeying simple road rules such as wearing a seatbelt and keeping off their mobile phones while driving, according to police.

"It's been a heartbreaking year on our roads and we need a fresh approach to encourage safe driving behaviour," Ms Frecklington said.

"Rewarding safe driving will save lives, it is as simple as that.

"Slowing down on the road could save your life and now it can save money as well.

"We want to see less carnage on our roads and if this initiative only saves one life, then it's worth it."


young indian woman driving a car
young indian woman driving a car

Opposition transport spokesman Steve Minnikin said the LNP wouldn't be scrapping any existing penalties, but wanted to see more incentives for maintaining a good driving record.

"In addition to major infrastructure upgrades across Queensland, the LNP will reward 10 years of good driving history with a 10 year licence, for the price of a 5 year licence," he said.

"With a troubling increase in the road toll, it's time for new measures to encourage safe driving."

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