LOOK OUT: Police say staffies and bulldog breeds are popular for pit fighting.
LOOK OUT: Police say staffies and bulldog breeds are popular for pit fighting.

Homes potentially targeted to steal dogs for fighting

POLICE are warning hinterland residents to ensure their dogs are secure in their properties after linking pink markings on roads to targeting potential dogs for fighting.

Pomona officer-in-charge Dan McNamara said the markings could signal houses which have preferred dog breeds for the illegal practice.

"We've received reports of pink paint road markings appearing in front of residences in the Cooran and Pomona areas, which may be linked to potential criminal offences," Sergeant McNamara said.

"In other areas of Queensland and interstate, these markings have been related to the theft of dogs for pit fighting.

"Vehicles have been reported acting suspiciously in these areas as well and may be related.

"Police are currently following lines of inquiry regarding these sightings."

He said breeds such as Staffordshire terriers, bulldogs and other terrier breeds were targeted by these criminal groups.

"If these road markings appear and specifically, you have dogs, please take measures to secure same away from road access and report suspicious activity, including vehicle regos, in your area," Sgt McNamara said.

"We don't have any strong evidence, but in the absence of any other explanation, we're advising the community of this potential crime, and ask they take precautionary measures to keep their dogs safe."

Members of the community with any information can call Pomona Police Station on 54852586 or Crime Stoppers on 1800333000.