OUTRAGEOUS graffiti has been found sprayed on a Gold Coast home that was gutted in a fire this morning.

The graffiti, reading "This is for f***ing my wife", was spray painted on the back of the house behind children's bikes and exercise equipment.

Police and firefighters have not yet determined the cause of this morning's blaze, which broke out on an Ashmore street at around 8am.

The house's contents were destroyed by the blaze, including the ute parked outside.

It is believed no occupants were home at the time of the fire.

One person was treated on scene for inhaling smoke.

A message left on the back of the house.
A message left on the back of the house. Glenn Hampson

Southport fire brigade station officer Michael Brown said on arrival they found the house was completely engulfed.

"A jetski and dual cab ute have been destroyed too," he said.

"Over 50 per cent of the home was on fire, and the rest has been damaged with smoke."

Three crews of 12 firefighters were on scene and had the fire extinguished in about 20 minutes.

Police have confirmed a boat, trailer and moped have been stolen from the rental home.

Queensland Police officer Karen Shaw said police are still investigating the scene and are calling on anyone with information to alert police.

"The fire has completely destroyed the premises," she said.

"The seed of the fire started in the rear of the dual cab ute and quickly spread.

"If anyone has information, CCTV footage or dashcam footage to contact Policelink (on 131 444)."

The fire engulfing the car and house.
The fire engulfing the car and house. Phil Pope

Nearby resident Phil Pope was first on scene after the blaze broke out.

He said the fire started at the front of the car from the bonnet.

"No family was home. When the owner left for work in the morning he had a tinnie on the back of his Ute, which is now missing," he said.

"I saw the Ute was on fire and I went to open the front door to make sure anyone wasn't inside but I heard an explosion and stayed back."

Bev Gavin, who lives behind the property, said she was concerned the strong winds blowing in her direction would spread the blaze to her home, which is only metres away.

She saw the fire from her bedroom window and called Triple-zero.

"I heard about three explosions," she said.

"I'm very thankful, my neighbours ran over and turned off my power and moved my car for me."