Hacked to death with a tomahawk, shot in the head, burned alive, bludgeoned — these are just some of the ways women have been murdered by violent partners.
Hacked to death with a tomahawk, shot in the head, burned alive, bludgeoned — these are just some of the ways women have been murdered by violent partners.

Horrible fates of our innocent women

HACKED to death with a tomahawk, shot in the head at point-blank range, burned alive, bludgeoned with a hunk of metal and repeatedly stabbed - deaths so incredibly violent and horrifying belong in the imaginary world of sick horror movies.

But these are just some of the ways Queensland women have been murdered at the hands of boyfriends, husbands and their children's fathers.

In every case the men were known to authorities for their history of violence against women.

In every case a court order was in place to protect the women and their children. And in every case, those protection orders failed.



Teresa Bradford
Teresa Bradford

In the weeks leading up to her death in January 2017, Teresa Bradford spoke of her fear that her estranged husband would try to kill her.

Months earlier in November, David Bradford, 52, launched a terrifying and violent attack on the mother of four, taping her mouth closed and repeatedly punching her in the face until she lost consciousness, dragging her across the floor by her hair and choking her.

When police arrived, Bradford was wielding a rope and a knife and threatening to kill Teresa.

Shockingly he was granted bail weeks later despite warnings from police that he posed an unreasonable risk of harming others. Teresa wasn't even told. Two weeks later, she was dead.

Bradford broke into Teresa's home and stabbed her to death in her bedroom before killing himself.

Their four children, who were in the home at the time, ran to the neighbours to raise the alarm.



Kelly and Pauline Morris
Kelly and Pauline Morris

When confronted with the sight of her ex-partner with a baseball bat and six-shot revolver, Cairns mum Pauline Morris spent her final moments trying to shield her teenage daughter.

But it wasn't enough to stop the violent onslaught from Wayne Arthur Brennan in October 2009.

Kelly Morris, 14, died from a .22 bullet in the back of her head. Her mum Pauline was also shot in the head and bludgeoned with a baseball bat. She died in hospital.

Just hours earlier, Brennan had been given a DVO to stay away from the family.

Pauline's son and Kelly's twin was the only survivor, telling a court how he could hear his mother "screaming and screaming" as he fled the scene.

When sentencing the cowardly killer to two life sentences in 2012, the judge said: "The domestic violence order seemed to fuel your self-centred controlling attitude."



Tara Brown
Tara Brown

Tara Brown's final moments were sheer terror. The young mum had dropped her daughter at daycare when Lionel Patea, who was subject to a DVO preventing him being near her, ambushed her. He chased her car through the streets of the Gold Coast before ramming her off the road, sending her car into a ditch.

But the attack wasn't over.

Patea then approached the mother of his child and bludgeoned her with a fire hydrant cover while she was trapped in the car, pushing away bystanders who tried to save her. Two days later in September 2015, Tara died from her injuries in hospital.

It was no secret Patea was a violent man.

The month before, he chased her through an airport and stole her phone because she had messaged a friend. In 2012 alone he was convicted three times for breaching DVOs. Patea was sentenced to life in jail for Tara's brutal murder.



Karina Lock
Karina Lock

Karina Lock's estranged husband walked into a McDonald's, put her in a headlock and shot her in the head.

Moments later, Stephen Lock turned the gun on himself in front of 30 horrified witnesses.

Karina died within hours of Tara Brown. Like Patea, Lock had a history of domestic violence.

Karina had moved away from him in Maryborough, determined to make a fresh start with her teenage daughter.

The pair had agreed to meet up and were spotted talking in a car outside the fast-food restaurant.

A witness heard Karina scream "he's trying to kill me" before Lock followed her into the restaurant and committed the murder-suicide.



Fabiana Palhares
Fabiana Palhares

Brock Wall had been served a varied DVO hours before he killed 11-weeks- pregnant partner Fabiana Palhares.

An experienced judge called her death "the stuff of nightmares".

Wall bashed Fabiana unconscious, jumped on her stomach and hacked at her with a tomahawk from her garage.

It was a death so horrific that Fabiana's brother Raphael pleaded with their parents in Brazil never to Google their daughter's name.

"You can't even imagine the amount of cruelty that goes through his head," Raphael said after Wall was handed two life sentences for killing Fabiana and her unborn child.

Wall had attacked Fabiana on the Christmas Day before and had messaged her mother saying he hated Fabiana and wanted an abortion.

The Brazilian woman installed security cameras and had police driving past on the lookout for Wall, who was stalking her and once broke into her house to watch her sleep.

In most of these cases, the families of the victims pleaded with legislators not to let their daughter's, sister's, mother's and friend's deaths be for nothing.

The broken-hearted families begged for change... for tougher legislation... for more awareness.

But for the most part, their wishes have fallen on deaf ears and our state is once again mourning the loss of a woman and her children at the hands of her evil ex-partner.

Hannah Clarke and her three children should be alive and safe. It's time Queenslanders demand this timeline of tragedy ends here.

*For 24-hour domestic violence support call the national hotline 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or MensLine on 1800 600 636. The Suicide Call Back service is on 1300 659 467.