Traffic black spot – Beckmans Rd.
Traffic black spot – Beckmans Rd.

Hopes rise for Noosa’s $12m million traffic fix

HOPES are high in Noosa Council for a breakthrough $12 million to build the Cooroy-Noosa Rd and Beckmans Rd roundabout in the next state budget.

Mayor Tony Wellington said this follows hard on the heels of lobbying by state MP Sandy Bolton to secure design funding for the roundabout design.

“Minister Mark Bailey’s office has told me that two funding submissions will be lodged as part of the State’s Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program in the 2020 State Budget,” the mayor said.

“The first will be funding of $12 million to actually construct the aforesaid. This notorious intersection has been the scene of too many crashes, and it is certainly a priority as far as safety is concerned.”

Cr Wellington said the other proposal will be for funding to finally complete the design works for the rest of the Tewantin Bypass.

“For that I thank Minister Mark Bailey and also our wonderful local State Member, Sandy Bolton.

“This will result in either a total upgrade of Beckmans Rd all the way from Cooroy-Noosa Rd to the Eumundi-Noosa Rd, or else it will mean a new parallel road will be constructed, leaving the existing Beckmans Rd as a service road,” he said.

“The latter meets a longstanding understanding about the bypass, but the final designs will need to be agreed to by both council and the state. Of course, there are no guarantees that these two projects will be funded come the 2020 budget, but they do have to be nominated first, so that is a major step forward.”

The mayor said under an agreement with the State Government signed back in 2000 Noosa Council agreed to take control of certain state owned roads and also construct new roads in return for the state building us a Tewantin Bypass alongside Beckmans Rd,” Mayor Tony Wellington said.

“We fulfilled our side of the agreement by taking over David Low Way and sections of other feeder roads, as well as constructing Walter Hay Dr and Eenie Creek Rd. The state has had almost 20 years to meet their side of the bargain, but have consistently failed to do so.”

Cr Wellington said the minister’s office has committed to seeking funds for two key projects in the 2020 State Budget.

“It’s the best sign that Noosa Council has had over the past two decades that the state is finally taking its commitment to the 2000 Agreement seriously. ”