The Hooray for Hollywood team gets into the mood with Oscar.
The Hooray for Hollywood team gets into the mood with Oscar. CONTRIBUTED

Hooray For Hollywood pays tribute to lavish musicals

ELIZABETH Hood - that bouncing bundle of energy from whose lips lilting airs pour forth - called this week with news of the progress of Hooray For Hollywood.

In days of yore, Elizabeth graced The Indee stage in such musicals as the record-breaking The Firm and Nancy 1`and 2 and over the past five years, she has appeared at The Indee in the annual songfest: A Chap, Three Divas and a Piano.

A Chap, 3Ds and a P will this year pay tribute to the golden era of Hollywood - the lavish musicals that have entered into classic status.

And into the mix will be sprinkled some of the latter-day standouts.

I must say, Elizabeth sounded very excited about the whole thing.

It seems there are just a few gaps remaining which she says are still the subject of some discussion.

Roughly translated, they're finding it hard to agree on the remaining choices and are fighting like Kilkenny Cats (not really).

Definitely in the mix are shows such as On the Town, My Fair Lady, White Christmas, Cinderella, Phantom, Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, The King and I, Sound of Music, West Side Story, Kiss Me Kate, Buck Privates and An American In Paris.

When the dust settles, there'll be a grand total of 25 wonderful songs in The Indee's Hooray For Hollywood program.

The show will be presented at 2pm on Sunday, March 12, at the Yandina School of Arts Hall.

A Chap, 3Ds and a P comprises: from Opera Australia, Bernard Wheaton (The Chap); from Queensland Opera, D'Arne Sleeman; from Underground Opera, Louise Dorsman; from the concert stage, Elizabeth Hood (Three Divas); plus brilliant accompanist Mark Leung (The Piano).

Seating is limited and bookings are open.

Tickets are $28, concessions $26, and members $23.

Call 5472 8200 or visit