Club helper Sharon Oysten is not impressed.
Club helper Sharon Oysten is not impressed. Peter Gardiner

Hoons destroy footy field

JOY-riding vandals created nothing but a boggy misery for the Noosa Lions football club at Tewantin earlier this week.

Club secretary Rebecca Whisker believes that one of the fields that was hooned on, probably on Monday night, will be unplayable for the rest of the season.

To add insult to the damage inflicted by the four-wheel field invasion, the occupants of the vehicle used a sign of the club’s sponsor, Bendigo Bank, to escape after getting stuck in their tracks.

“They’ve driven on, done a couple of doughnuts in the middle and then driven over here and got bogged,” Rebecca said.

The vandals then broke off branches from trees to try and get wheel traction without success.

“So they had to figure out how the hell do they get out now?

“So they’ve come and tried to rip one sign off – they could not get that off, so they’ve got the Bendigo Bank sign.”

The sign was driven over and is another write-off, while a metal goal enclosure was also damaged.

Rebecca said games were scheduled for Tuesday night, but they would have been called off on that field due to the boggy conditions from the overnight rain.