Floyd Currie was disqualified from driving for six months after crashing his car while drink driving.
Floyd Currie was disqualified from driving for six months after crashing his car while drink driving.

Hoon drink driver lucky to survive tree crash

A teenage hoon who decided it was a good idea to do drifting and circle work after a night of drinking ended up crashing into a tree, a court heard.

Police prosecutor Rebecca Lambert told Caloundra Magistrates Court Floyd Robert Currie, 19, had been out drinking when he took a taxi home.

“He’s then decided he wanted to take his vehicle for a drive,” she said.

“He’s decided to do some drifting and circle work in the industrial area in Bells Creek.

“There was a high rated revving and the vehicle at that point was borderline out of control.”

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The court heard Currie then accelerated around a roundabout.

“As he’s exited the intersection, he’s accelerated heavily causing the rear of his motor vehicle to spin out,” Senior Constable Lambert said.

“He’s overcorrected and began fishtailing across the road.”

The court heard Currie lost control and crashed into a tree at speed, causing extensive damage to his car.

Currie was taken to Sunshine Coast University Hospital with some injuries.

He returned a blood alcohol reading of 0.097.

“He described his manner of driving as dangerous and freely admitted he had done the wrong thing in opting to drive that night,” Sen-Const Lambert said.

Currie pleaded guilty on Wednesday to dangerous operation of a vehicle and drink driving while holder of a provisional licence.

Currie’s lawyer Chelsea Emery said Currie had learnt a “massive lesson” from the night.

“He was actually going to his storage shed to get some alcohol, the bottle shops were closed,” she said.

“Unfortunately when collecting the alcohol, he made the foolish decision to get into the vehicle.”

Ms Emery said the car was a write off and Currie had only been able to sell it for parts.

The court heard Currie had no criminal history.

Magistrate Haydn Stjernqvist said Currie was lucky to be standing in front of him, considering the situation he put himself in.

“Everyone’s trying to keep young men like you alive,” he said.

“A lot of you in that situation where you’ve got some alcohol on board think you can drive like Peter Brock.”

Mr Stjernqvist fined Currie $1400 and disqualified him from driving for six months.

“You might be able to think about what you need to do in the future to get through to an age where you can be an open licence holder before you kill yourself,” he said.

No conviction was recorded for the dangerous operation but one was for the drink driving.