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Holidays can be stressful times

NEW research from the Stayz Holiday Habits Report shows the main reason Aussies go on holiday is to simply get away from it all, yet 53% of people check work emails while on holidays.

Another 39.9% of people do work other than emails while on holidays.

Adding further stress, the survey revealed that of those who work constantly on holiday, almost one-in-five (19.0%) couples argue about it, with these conflicts more likely to occur among couples from New South Wales.

"There are obviously a number of holidaygoers who are struggling to find a work-life balance," Stayz Group marketing director Ali Cassim said.

"On one hand, Aussies know they need a holiday to relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life.

"However, with a high proportion of people working while on holidays, holiday-goers are putting themselves back into the stressful lifestyle they're trying to escape."

Getting away from it all isn't the only thing on Aussies' minds when they go on holidays: three out of 10 people have found romance during their time away, with the percentage of men (32.5%) higher than the percentage of women (27.4%).

Of those who found romance, 16% got married or moved in together - an amazing 5% of the total population.

A holiday mindset also leads people to undertake adventure activities (53.5%), disregard their budget (49.9%) and drink more (39.4%).

With almost half of Aussies travelling with their partners, the inevitable question of who gets on whose nerves brought about some interesting insights.

Of those who admitted they do get annoyed by their partner on holidays, men are most irritated by their partner spending too much money (7.9%), while women are aggravated when their partners watch TV and don't want to go out (6.1%) and don't want to spend any money (6%).

Queenslanders showed interesting state-based results.

For example, only 8.7% of Queenslanders constantly check their emails while they are on holidays and 26% occasionally check them.