The Bachelorette contestant Will Ferrier.
The Bachelorette contestant Will Ferrier. Channel 10

'Hipster wildcard' Will on The Bachelorette's bromances

THE Bachelorette lost its most colourful character last night.

Perth musician Will Ferrier was one of two suitors Sam Frost sent packing on the popular reality dating show.

"It's not like I had a horse in the race anyway," Ferrier told APN.

"There was zero chemistry upon meeting Sam. Even the way she said hello me was like 'Are you lost? Do you want me to find your mum in a shopping mall?'

"Ultimately l could only be who I am, which is a bit of a vampire marionette.

"I knew they wanted me as some sort of hipster wildcard. If you have everyone being broad-shouldered alpha males then it would be boring."

While he admits to being a bit of an awkward oddball, the 31-year-old found it hard to open up to Frost with a TV crew filming their every move.

Will Ferrier and Sam Frost pictured in a Turkish spa after last night's dodge ball match.
Will Ferrier and Sam Frost pictured in a Turkish spa after last night's dodge ball match. Channel 10

"I just couldn't cut to the chase with 20 middle-aged guys standing around while you're supposed to be talking about your feelings," he said.

"I am an awkward dude but it was like this Great Gatsby meets Moonraker situation.

"That shyness factor for me is putting on an awkward, clown persona."

The sensitive singer at least walked away from the show with a bunch of good mates. He said the friendly, jovial atmosphere of the mansion hasn't been faked.

"We were all pretty different but we all embraced it," he said.

"We did enjoy hamming up the bromance for the cameras. We'd be putting our hands on each other's thighs and attempting to hold each other's hands in the rose ceremonies."

Ferrier has plenty on the go since filming the show.

As well as running a café, his band Will Stoker & The Embers has released a new song and his paintings have featured in four exhibitions including one in Los Angeles.

"I'm also in a Sex Pistols tribute show; I've been keeping busy in the arts scene," he said.

"I'd like to play Frank N Furter in The Rocky Horror Show. I love being a flamboyant lunatic."

The Bachelorette airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on Channel 10.