Fuel prices remain a bugbear of local motorists and visitors alike.
Fuel prices remain a bugbear of local motorists and visitors alike. Peter Gardiner

High price of fuel in Noosa pumping us dry

NOOSA'S peak Christmas visitor period may have ended as many head back to work, but stubbornly high fuel pricing remains at local bowsers.

And that was around 10 cents higher than the cheaper Gympie station and outlets on the southern parts of the southern Sunshine Coast earlier this week.

On Wednesday in the Noosa coastal outlets sampled by the Noosa News, the highest price for fuel was 145.9 cents per litre at Shell Noosa Junction for unleaded. That was a one cent drop on the New Year's Day price.

The Noosa Civic Woolworths supermarket shopping docket discount fuel lowest pricing Wednesday afternoon was 135.9 cents and 139.9 for discounted E10 or 141.9 for unleaded.

At Peregian Beach the Puma service station was offering 134.9 cents a litre discounts for all RACQ members but for others the asking price was 138.9.

Independent retailer United at Coolum Beach, often a cheaper option to Noosa's "premium” prices, had E10 for 137.3 and normal unleaded 139.3.

RACQ spokeswoman Lucinda Ross said on Tuesday, the Sunshine Coast average unleaded price was 141.6 cents a litre going by the RACQ's Fair Fuel Price comparison website racq.com/fairfuel .

Ms Ross said the Noosa prices are generally higher and her advice was if locals were travelling around to look out for some bargains at places like Gympie, Beerwah and the Glasshouse Mountains where fuel was less than 140 cents a litre.

"Up the road in Gympie the average is $1.36.4, so quite a bit cheaper. There are places in Gympie where you can buy fuel for just under $1.30, so we urge people to make sure they do their shopping around,” Ms Ross said.

"Our petrol price cycle in the moment is in the discou- nting phase so that means we'll see prices drop in the coming days and weeks.”

She said especially during school holidays people travelling "need to do their research”.