EXCITED: Terry White Chemist Sippy Downs owner Amr Kehila opened the long-awaited pharmacy opposite the university at the weekend.
EXCITED: Terry White Chemist Sippy Downs owner Amr Kehila opened the long-awaited pharmacy opposite the university at the weekend. Che Chapman

Sippy Downs chemist completes health 'jigsaw'

A PHARMACY that will be open every day of the year and promises to fill some scripts in as little as 20 seconds has opened at Sippy Downs.

It's the final piece of the health complex "jigsaw puzzle" at Ochre Health Medical Centre, says owner of Terry White Pharmacy Sippy Downs Amr Kehila.

He said he was excited to open the final shopfront in the complex opposite the University of the Sunshine Coast on Ochre Way on the weekend.

"One of main goals is to have all allied health professionals on site so they can achieve good patent outcome and community engagement," he said.

"We're the final piece of the puzzle. This clinic been here since 2014 but slowly and surely the other services have plugged in."

Would you prefer to have follow-up treatment at hospital or an all-in-one medical centre?

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Medical centre. It would cut out all the waiting around at the hospital outpatients department.


Hospital. I'd feel more comfortable with things the way they are.


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Mr Kehila said it had taken three years of planning and negotiation before the pharmacy was approved. Ochre Health Medical Centre and Terry White Pharmacy would provide a number of services designed to keep people with heart conditions, diabetes, and broken bones out of hospital, he said.

Fracture clinics at the medical centre, for example, would allow doctors to fit, check and remove plaster casts, while patients could access bandages, crutches and other supplies from Terry White Pharmacy. Mr Kehila said about 100 patients per week could be treated at the centre, taking considerable pressure off hospitals.

The chemist will also provide heart health clinics, baby clinics and asthma clinics, as well as selling them medication and devices. A large retail offering including beauty products would also be available, Mr Kehila said.

"We're fully engaged with the medical centre, and we put pharmacists on the front line dispensing the scripts and doing it quickly," he said.

"It's very informative, you're always speaking with the pharmacist and can be in and out very quickly."

The pharmacy's open hours are the same as the medical centre - from 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday. It will remain open on weekends and all public holidays, when it opens at 9am and closes at 4.30pm.