Heads down for 30,000 students as QCS puts them to the test

FOR those about to be tested - we salute you.

As you read this, 30,000 Queensland students will be preparing for - or be in the midst of - one of the toughest exams of their life.

The Queensland Core Skills Test begins this morning and winds up tomorrow.

Although the test is only a contributor to their end of year OP scores, many will feel pressure to perform, not just from their parents but also their school.

There is no way to receive an OP without taking the QCS.

Today students will answer multiple-choice questions, with short response and a second suite of multiple-choice questions coming tomorrow.

Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek said he wished luck to those having to march into the examinations.

The final-year students are not the only ones under scrutiny at the moment, with the Queensland Government announcing in late July there would be a review into how senior students are assessed.

Universities are pushing for a system closer to every other state, which grades students up to 99.95, to help institutions better choose the best students.

No significant changes are to be made before 2016.