Noosa Council candidate Clare Stewart speaks at a Sunshine Coast Daily election forum on Tuesday. Photo: Caitlin Zerafa
Noosa Council candidate Clare Stewart speaks at a Sunshine Coast Daily election forum on Tuesday. Photo: Caitlin Zerafa

HEAD TO HEAD: How mayoral candidates stack up



Experience: Eight years as a councillor for Noosa across two councils and then as mayor.

Why me: Significant experience with higher levels of government; "I've always maintained an open door, I attend community events and am always available". Served on committees first to fight amalgamation and then for de-amalgamation

Results: 5 per cent Gross Region Product increase; $3 billion economy.

Jobs: More jobs than workers

Biosphere: Arm's length to the council. Ratepayers' money well spent with the Noosa Biosphere raising from other sources three times the contribution the council provides.

Hinterland: The hinterland contributes 22 per cent of the council's rate base but receives significantly more in services and infrastructure.

TAFE: If the council buys it, building would need to pay its own way.

Commitment: To protect Noosa from the forces that would make it mediocre; will ensure the Noosa you love today will be the Noosa you love tomorrow.


Noosa council candidate Tony Wellington.
Noosa council candidate Tony Wellington.




Experience: Barrister

Why me: I'm community focused, have fresh ideas, commit to protect the environment, will bridge the gap with the country and will tell you where the money is going.

Development: "Absolutely not, categorically no way" to supporting further or taller high-rise in Noosa.

Finances: Why would the council commit up to $1.7 million to secure the TAFE building with no plan on how to use it? Says funding there for a hinterland consultant on about $70,000 a year when $670,000 can be spent on bike way plans; I'll tell you where the money is going.

Environment: Council not undertaking enough cool burning. Need more fire breaks. Residents frightened after summer of fires.

Climate Emergency: Where's the action plan?

Commitment: To protect the environment; support small business; foster and protect jobs; seal roads and fix bike paths; establish a hinterland community engagement office; establish and maintain fire breaks; work to deliver traffic and parking solutions and work in the best interests of all of Noosa.

Who do you think deserves the mayoral win in the 2020 Noosa Council election?

This poll ended on 29 March 2020.

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Tony Wellington.


Clare Stewart.


Someone else.


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