Sunshine Beach's fabulous beach strip where visual amenity is not to be messed with.
Sunshine Beach's fabulous beach strip where visual amenity is not to be messed with.

Hard to see how they’ll be building now …

AFTER being given 14 years to build a duplex at Sunshine Beach’s exclusive Park Cres, time appears to have run out for on homeowner along with the patience of Noosa councillors.

At the Noosa Council general committee meeting ahead of this afternoon’s 5pm ordinary meeting the councillors unanimously rejected what would have been a sixth approval extension since 2006.

The applicants sought the extra time “as we are accumulating funds for development and awaiting the right market conditions”.

That has fallen on deaf ears in council as Cr Brian Stockwell said the recommendation from planning staff to refuse the request was clear cut.

Staff found the proposed development “is not designed and sited to maintain the visual privacy of neighbouring properties”.

“I think this one’s fairly black and white, having 14 years to action a development approval is I think very generous to start with,” Cr Stockwell said.

“It’s appropriate any future development of the site should be in keeping with the planning scheme,” he said.

Mayor Clare Stewart said there has already been five extensions for the approval “which is very generous” and this proposed development does not comply with the required height in storeys.

Deputy Mayor Frank Wilkie said “there’s been more than enough time to develop according to the original conditions”.

“The original approval reduces side boundary setbacks (that) have the potential to severely impact the amenity of its neighbouring property.

“The duplex would present as four storeys,” Cr Wilkie said.

The maximum number of storeys allowed for this area is three.