Carrots really can improve your eyesight – even better washed down with a spoonful of cod liver oil.
Carrots really can improve your eyesight – even better washed down with a spoonful of cod liver oil. Matkawariatka

Murwillumbah nutritionist checks in on your resolutions

WE'RE almost at the half-way point between one set of New Year resolutions and the next. Take a moment to recall the health resolutions you made for this year. How are you going with them? Making progress?

If you're making solid progress, be proud. I bet you were careful in the way you set up your health resolutions.

You probably set a concrete goal with a deadline and created an action plan to keep yourself on track.

A New Year resolution that actually succeeds sounds something like "to get healthier this year, I'm going to lose 5kg by December 1.

To make this happen, I'm going to make time to eat a solid breakfast every day and make sure I exercise for 30 minutes every day without excuses."

The important elements of this type of resolution, the kind that gets results, is a measurable goal, a deadline and an action plan.

If you made a New Year resolution but lost momentum quickly, your goal might have been of the nebulous variety: something like "get healthier" or "lose 5kg". These are worthy goals, but to make things actually happen, you also need the elements of measurement and an action plan.

All is not lost, however, if your health is much the same as it was six months ago and you haven't moved closer to your ideal healthy self. It's not quite half way through the year; plenty of time to revisit your intentions and create an action plan.

Here's how.

Take a pen and paper (or computer screen if that's your preference) and divide the sheet into sections: What you're eating, how you're moving, and how you're looking after your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Now, in each section, write down just one thing you're going to do and set a deadline for making it happen.

For example, under "what you're eating", something like "reduce the amount of sugar in my coffee to zero by 31 July". Under "how you're moving", perhaps "workout at the gym every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday every week for the next six weeks".

For the emotional wellbeing section, maybe "make time to meditate for 10 minutes every day for the next 30 days and set a reminder alarm on the phone".

These are just examples, you can create whatever health goal is important to you; and if your health resolutions are already on track, congratulations.

The key message for you though is that it's not too late to get your January first health resolutions back on track.

Imagine how good you'll feel on the coming New Year's Eve when you look back and see that, this time, you actually did it.