Greens candidate for state Noosa seat Rhonda Prescott.
Greens candidate for state Noosa seat Rhonda Prescott.

Greens announce Noosa candidate in state election

The state seat of Noosa has become a four-horse race as the Greens endorsed their candidate for the October election.

New Zealand-born accountant and long-time Noosa resident Rhonda Prescott said she believed there was no time to waste in taking action to reduce emissions and halt human-made climate change.

Ms Prescott's candidacy was confirmed by the party on Saturday, August 1.

A statement issued by the Greens said Ms Prescott, who joined the Greens in 2001, grew increasingly passionate about the environment during her university studies.

"Studying Business Ethics made me stop and really think about my own personal values and what was important to me," she wrote.

"I decided that the protection of our natural environment was my paramount value.

"The Greens was the only political party with a focus on environmental issues, so I decided to become involved."

She said she believed she could create long-term jobs for Queenslanders by ending electricity privatisation and transitioning to 100 per cent publicly-owned renewable energy.

"This would create the cheapest and most reliable energy system in Australia, all funded by reasonably-increased royalties on mining corporations," the statement read.

To date, Noosa's other candidates are James Blevin (LNP), Mark Denham (Labor), and incumbent Sandy Bolton (independent).