Sarah Barnes takes a yoga lesson in the Tower Bridge, in London.
Sarah Barnes takes a yoga lesson in the Tower Bridge, in London.

Goodbye leggings, hello inner ballerina

WE ARE saying goodbye to the chiselled abs and muscle-building trends of last year. This is the year of mindful exercise, a lifestyle move that embodies wellness and the harmonious training of brain and body. So now is the time to upgrade your old sports leggings and baggy t-shirt to embrace the new fitter and healthier you.

Yoga holds a lot of stigma and is sometimes associated with those purely holistic types who sit on top of mountains and stretch while deeply inhaling incense. However, this year yoga has expanded into floating yoga, hot-pod yoga and hip-hop yoga - riveting forms of exercise for all.

This type of stretching means a need for appropriate clothing. So exercise your inner ballerina, as comfort and elegance come in the form of leotards and unitards. Graceful off the shoulder sweatshirts and second-skin tank tops have been branded as "athleisure”. This clothing lets you stretch your worries away and build a core to be proud of.

HEAT or high-energy athletic training is the new kid on the block and requires mental toughness. Made up of high-performance exercise to help with resistance and stamina, the three levels include conditioning ability, strengthening and power.

This can be matched with virtual boxing. Comprising choreographed sequences to do at home, this new digitally conducted sport helps burn calories and build co-ordination and will be a knockout trend this year. When you step into the ring, or indeed your living room, focus on fabric with breathable qualities.