William Walsh Martin, 25, was given immediate parole on a four-month jail term.
William Walsh Martin, 25, was given immediate parole on a four-month jail term. serggn

‘Goldilocks’ break-in lacks fairytale ending

A MAN who fell asleep after breaking into a Maroochydore unit was likened to Goldilocks during sentencing for a range of drug-related crimes.

Documents before Maroochydore Magistrates Court showed William Walsh Martin, 25, had broken into a unit at Platinum apartment building through an unlocked bathroom window on March 22 last year.

His defence solicitor John Gould said the Duporth Ave trespass, as well as offences from other occasions, were all committed while Martin was a heavy user of the drug ice.

Mr Gould said his client recalled it was night time and it was raining but didn’t know how he got there.

Police documents showed a resident at the unit had awoken about 9pm after the building’s fire alarm went off.

When the resident went out to check if a gas appliance had been left on, Martin emerged from another bedroom, apparently dazed and confused.

It was apparent he had been sleeping in there in the lead-up to the alarm.

The resident ushered him out of the unit and called police.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Jamie Baker likened the trespass to the children’s fairytale.

“It may be akin to Goldilocks,” Sgt Baker said.

“In finding a bed that was just right for him to sleep in.”

Martin was also sentenced on Thursday for other offences including drug possession, unlicensed driving, breaking into cars and possessing weapons including knives and capsicum spray.

They occurred between December 2014 and July last year.

Mr Gould said his client had since done three urine tests which showed abstinence from methamphetamine.

He conceded, however, that the tests did detect indicators of use of another illegal drug.

Mr Gould said his client had worked in concreting for 10 years and had work lined up for the next 12 months.

Magistrate Annette Hennessy sentenced Martin to four months in prison but gave him immediate parole on conditions including he take part in drug counselling.

Martin was also fined a total of $6350 for his offences.