Girl, 10, bitten by King Brown that slithered into her bed


A 10-YEAR-OLD girl has been rushed to Alice Springs Hospital after she was bitten on both feet by a King Brown snake that had slithered into her bed.

The incident occurred at 9.46pm on Monday in the suburb of Desert Springs.

The girl is being treated in ICU but is in a stable condition.

Snake catcher and Alice Springs Reptile Centre director Rex Neindorf was called to the victim's house where he identified and captured the King Brown (also called a mulga snake).


The mulga snake that bit the girl, later captured by Rex Neindorf
The mulga snake that bit the girl, later captured by Rex Neindorf


"They're classed as highly venomous but the chances of dying are pretty remote these days," he said.

Mr Neindorf commended the response of paramedics and the family of the girl.

"The family was super calm which helped a lot," Mr Neindorf said.

"They didn't panic. They immediately did the right thing. They called the ambos and the ambos called us. We arrived and caught the snake fairly rapidly."

"If you do all the right things - stay still, stay calm, apply a pressure bandage - things will go well for you.



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"If you do all the wrong things, things go from bad to worse pretty quickly. Don't run around like a headless chook, which people do."


Mr Neindorf also had advice on the best ways to snake-proof your home. He said that items commonly sold as "snake repellers" were "a load of crap."

"Don't even consider buying them," Mr Neindorf said. "It's giving false security."

"The main thing to do is keep your yard tidy. If you have chooks, you're probably gonna get snakes. If you have a pool you might get snakes because they love to go for a swim.

"A snake goes into a house because it's following scent trails of a gecko or mouse for example.

"So make sure you put rubber strips on the bottom of your doors, so there's no gap. Even a 4mm or 5mm gap a snake will get under."



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Mr Neindorf also warned residents against trying to deal with snakes themselves. Never corner or attack a snake, Mr Neindorf explained, because that's the quickest way to get bitten yourself.

"If you see a snake, just watch it. Get any kids and pets out of the way, but keep watching it and ring us."



In Alice Springs, the number to call for assistance in dealing with a snake is 0407 983 276.

Originally published as Girl, 10, bitten by King Brown snake that slithered into her bed