Gigi Hadid's forensic scientist dreams

GIGI Hadid wanted to be a forensic scientist - until she discovered how long she'd have to study.

The 20-year-old model - who signed to modelling agency IMG when she was 17 - moved to New York three years ago to study criminal psychology after rejecting her initial plans because they were too intensive.

She said: "I've always been interested in [criminal psychology]. First I wanted to be a doctor.

"Then I wanted to be a forensic scientist. But to be a forensic scientist means you have to go to school for eight years.

"I was like, 'Over that.' I realised what I enjoyed was trying to unravel people's brains why people commit crimes when they get older."

Gigi dropped out of the course last year after her modelling commitments grew too much but she is happy she didn't quit earlier.

She told Britain's Vogue magazine: "I was really happy I waited to commit to modelling full time. I think that having a core of other things is so important.

"I can go to a shoot and then get on a horse. I have things to talk about."