Boronia keysii close up.
Boronia keysii close up.

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HOW many people recognise the flora design on the Noosa Council and Noosa Biosphere logos? (And Noosa News for that matter?)

The design is taken from the Boronia keysii (Key’s boronia).

This plant is classified as “vulnerable” under both the Nature Conservation Act 1992, and the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

It is a small shrub with attractive flowers, suitable for coastal gardens.

It benefits from light pruning to create a dense growth habitat and more flowers.

Noosa & District Landcare has applied for and received permission to propagate this species. Boronias will be available for sale, we will also have many other native species at the upcoming Father’s Day Plant Fair at the Noosa Botanic Gardens on Sunday, September 1.

For more, check the Noosa Botanic Gardens Friends website

Come along to the botanic gardens at Lake Macdonald Dr, and enjoy the day’s festivities, and maybe purchase your own Noosa logo.