Byron's Gabriel and Cecilia Brandolini will work with coach in the studio after their The Voice exit.
Byron's Gabriel and Cecilia Brandolini will work with coach in the studio after their The Voice exit. Channel 9

Gabriel and Cecilia, Elly Oh among The Voice singers chopped

AUSTRALIA has voted for the eight singers that will tour the country with The Voice.

Four singers were eliminated in tonight's live show, which for the first time wasn't competing against Seven's House Rules.

Sunshine Coast indie singer Isaac McGovern, opera singer Elly Oh, Brisbane's Robbie Balmer and Byron siblings Gabriel and Ceilia Brandolini all got the chop tonight, after receiving less of the one-minute viewer vote via the show's "home coach" app than their competitors.

The remaining eight singers will go on tour playing the capital cities after the show's grand final at the end of the month.

Gabriel and Cecilia said they weren't disheartened by their elimination, and why should they be after coach invited them to collaborate with him on his next album.

The duo only lost out by two percent to Anja Nissen with yet another inventive performance, this time putting their unique twist on Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit.

After his emotional performance last week, 20-year-old McGovern told coach Joel Madden he felt like he deserved to be on the show.

But his upbeat rendition of Sheppard's Geronimo couldn't stand up against the power of Frank Lakoudis singing Queen's We Are The Champions.

Earlier in the night the public was asked to choose between Kylie Minogue's two remaining male singers, Robbie Balmer and Johnny Rollins.

"You're going to be fine without me but don't forget about me," an emotional Minogue told Rollins and Balmer.

Viewers voted to save drummer Rollins for his rendition of Sam Smith's Stay With Me.

Ricky Martin's opera-singer-turned-diva Elly Oh was eliminated after going up against folk crooner Jackson Thomas.

After Minogue and Madden's live performances on the show, Martin will take up the microphone next week.

The Voice tour plays Brisbane on August 3.


Team Ricky

Safe: Sabrina Batshon, Jackson Thomas

Eliminated: Elly Oh


Team Kylie

Safe: Kat Jade, Johnny Rollins

Eliminated: Robbie Balmer


Team Joel

Safe: Holly Tapp, Frank Lakoudis

Eliminated: Isaac McGovern


Team Will

Safe: ZK, Anja Nissen

Eliminated: Gabriel and Cecilia