Bev Lacey

Future of rail in Lockyer Valley still unclear

THE future of rail through the Lockyer Valley is still unknown, with both the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) and Transport and Main Roads (TMR) yet to make any formal decisions.

Despite separate studies on rail alignments between Toowoomba and Brisbane being completed in both 2003 (QR/TMR) and 2010 (ARTC), neither body can confirm the planned route through the region as yet.

An ARTC spokesperson said the corporation would work closely with TMR to help determine the final route.

"As indicated, the Inland Rail program is in the early stages of development and a final decision has not been taken on the preferred alignment for the project in Queensland," the spokesperson said.

"The project team is working closely with the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) and the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning (DSDIP) as it works toward a preferred alignment in Queensland, and an important aspect of this is understanding the optimum alignment between Gowrie and Grandchester."

A TMR spokesperson also said the two rail bodies would work in partnership to help determine the route.

"The Gowrie to Grandchester (G2G) future rail corridor was protected in 2005 following extensive studies and community engagement," the spokesperson said.

"Following the Australian Government's decision to progress the planning for the Inland Rail project last year, analysis of rail alignments has been undertaken by ARTC in partnership with the department.

"This analysis will help determine the optimum alignment and potential integration with the G2G corridor.

"At this stage a decision has not been made in regard to the final alignment for the Inland Rail project."


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