Wireless electricity imagined in discussion paper

THE future of Queensland's power sector is being placed in the hands of its people, as the State Government asks for help to build its 30-year electricity strategy.

In its discussion paper, the government considers a world where electricity is supplied wirelessly, making power points obsolete.

Beyond the navel-gazing, it outlines 10 "immediate challenges" for the state and five that will face the power grid in the future.

Current issues include increasing competition in the sector, improving the gas market and developing better meters.

In the future, the state will grapple with encouraging new investment in power plants and helping developing "new generation" alternative power sources including geothermal energy, solar thermal and carbon capture.

Energy Minister Mark McArdle wants the community's help to overcome these looming hurdles, asking for input from residents, peak bodies and other organisations with an interest in power.

The paper is available at dews.qld.gov.au with submissions closing on December 6.