LOCAL CELEBRITY: Linsey Pollak will be performing at Kin Kin’s CelebrATE event in September.
LOCAL CELEBRITY: Linsey Pollak will be performing at Kin Kin’s CelebrATE event in September.

Fusion of music, permaculture something to ‘CelebrATE’

CELEBRATE is a weekend event held in Kin Kin on September 20 to 22 this year, which raises money to enable not for profit organisation PermEco Inc. to fulfil its objectives.

“CelebrATE integrates music and permaculture, as we feel that music is an ideal way to create community plus we are passionate about music,” spokesperson Zaia Kendall said.

“The event celebrates (permaculture pioneer) Bill Mollison’s life by educating people and creating a community feel with permaculture and music workshops.

“This year we have moved the event from May — Bill Mollison’s birth month — to September, which is the month he passed away.

“People have loved coming to the event in the past and have made some great interpersonal connections at the event.

“As time goes by and the need for caring for this planet becomes more urgent, it is extremely important that we band together as human beings and connect and educate ourselves on ways to minimise our footprint and educate others,” Zaia said.

“It is vital that we have a great time doing that, as it is the joy we feel in our hearts when we connect with each other and the planet that will enable us to keep going.

“The People Care ethic in permaculture often is forgotten or pushed aside by the importance of the Earth Care ethic, however People Care is extremely important, especially if we want to achieve the Earth Care and Fair Share ethics. This is the purpose of CelebrATE.”

For more information on the event and to book tickets (weekend, day and evening tickets are available), visit https://permeco.org/celebrate2019.

Bookings for the event are essential, no tickets will be sold at the gate due to catering needing final numbers before the start of the event.

Catering will be by Kin Kin’s own Black Ant Gourmet, with full catering and camping spaces included in ticket prices.