SPEED DROP: Cooroy-Noosa Rd near Lake Macdonald has had its speed limit reduced from 100kmh to 90kmh.
SPEED DROP: Cooroy-Noosa Rd near Lake Macdonald has had its speed limit reduced from 100kmh to 90kmh. Amber Macpherson

Fury over speed limit drop

DRIVERS have taken to social media to vent their anger over the speed limit reduction on Cooroy-Noosa Rd, despite the travel time now being only one minute slower.

New 90kmh speed limit signs were erected on Wednesday, replacing 100kmh signs, following community feedback and a speed limit review by the Department of Transport and Main Roads late last year.

Many Noosa residents expressed outrage at the new limit on an online post on the Noosa Community Notice Board Facebook page.

Lesley Christian believes the new limit is a stunt to increase money for the State Government.

"I travel to Noosa regularly from just outside Cooroy - another ploy to increase revenue via fines," the comment said. "God knows how much that has cost us tax payers (for the) new signs and blokes in trucks to change them, waste of money in my eyes."

One member noted the notoriety of drivers already travelling under the speed limit on Cooroy-Noosa Rd.

"So expect to now be stuck behind people doing 60," Emma Shaw said.

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The 5.5km stretch of road parallel to Lake Macdonald will now take drivers travelling at 90kmh four minutes to complete, instead of three minutes at 100kmh.

A department spokesperson stated there had been dozens of reported crashes, including two deaths, on the stretch of road that had its speed limit reduced.

"During 1 July 2006 to 30 June 2016, there were 45 reported crashes with two fatalities recorded on this stretch of road between McPauls Rd and Sunrise Rd," the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said the reasons for the reduction were concerns for residents entering driveways, increased traffic volume, road alignment and lane width, and the frequency of intersections.

Member for Noosa Glen Elmes believes these numbers are too high and welcomed the change.

He said he had been campaigning for more than 10 years to change the speed limit of Cooroy-Noosa Rd to 80kmh.

"I have been appealing to TMR and the speed review committee since I became State Member in 2006 to reduce the speed limit to 80km per hour for the entire length of the road, in order to prevent the unthinkable and protect local residents and the increasing numbers of road users," Mr Elmes said.

"I applaud the department for continuing to review speed limits ... but suggest when a community has to fight for more than a decade to be heard, more can and should be done more often."