Funnel webs on the prowl terrorising locals

Mimi and Noah, from Saftery beach mimi had a funnel web spider in her Room.. 30 JAN 2016
Mimi and Noah from Safety Beach had a scary encounter with a funnel web spider inside their home. Trevor Veale

LOCALS who've had bone-chilling experiences are warning fellow residents to be extra vigilant as large numbers of funnel web spiders are reported to be out on the prowl.

One resident has found three of the deadly Port Macquarie funnel webs in his home in just one week.

Adam, who lives in Safety Beach, was shocked when he discovered one of the creepy-crawlies in his daughter's bedroom.

"I've found three funnel web spiders at my Safety Beach house in the last week, one was actually in my three-year-old daughter's room," he said.

"There are lots of families with young kids in Safety Beach, hopefully everyone is aware how many spiders are around at the moment."

Another Safety Beach local, Denis Thomas, had an unfortunate encounter after a spider bit into his hand while he was building a fence in September last year.

Leanne Knights of Sapphire had one of the unwelcome guests on her doorstep after heavy rainfall in November.

"My concern was snakes, but this has been a wake up call," she said.

"People need to know the spiders are around as there are a lot of young children and animals in the area, also many new home owners putting in gardens."

This news comes just as recent statistics reveal only one in five Australians are familiar with emergency treatment for venomous bites and stings, according to vaccine company Seqirus.

Keep your eye out and be cautious of The Port Macquarie funnel web, which is said to live in burrows in gardens, and has a shiny black carapace with dark brown to black legs.


Funnel Web spider 2
Leanne Knights and her husband weren't too impressed with this surprise visitor on their doorstep. Contributed