BACKED UP: Traffic on the Bruce Hwy is a nightmare for commuters.
BACKED UP: Traffic on the Bruce Hwy is a nightmare for commuters.

Funding bid to combat congestion on major roads

SUNSHINE Coast Council is determined to put the brakes on the worsening road congestion between the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast with a push for State Government help.

The Federal Government's Australian Infrastructure Audit April report has indicated congestion levels and delay costs associated with road corridors in the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions are projected to worsen significantly to 2031.

The report found Queensland would experience the second highest population and employment growth behind Western Australia.

Brisbane City Council will put forward a motion at the Local Government Association of Queensland's annual conference to address the situation.

The motion will ask the LGAQ to lobby the government to ensure increased public transport use and infrastructure funding are considered in developing the State Infrastructure Plan.

A Sunshine Coast Council spokesperson said the council would support the proposal at the Toowoomba gathering between October 19-21.

"Council supports measures prioritising investment in public transport infrastructure in high-growth communities that can increase the use of public transport to encourage a shift away from the high use of private vehicles," the spokesperson said.

The cost of the delay on the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast urban transport network in 2011 was about $2 billion.

That figure is expected to blow out to $9 billion in 2031.

Brisbane council argues demand for public transport will increase almost 90% by 2031 and one in six Australians already travel to work on public transport.

The infrastructure plan is due by the end of the year and will provide an approach to prioritising funding and delivery in Queensland.

The LGAQ lobbied the government in June to consider priorities across all public infrastructure.