FRUSTRATION: MP Bob Katter has lambasted the Weapons Consultation Forum.
FRUSTRATION: MP Bob Katter has lambasted the Weapons Consultation Forum. Sharyn O'Neill ROK280313skatter3

Frustration for gun owners: Katter hits out

GUN owners are growing tired of the tactical delays in the establishment of the Weapons Consultation Forum, says Bob Katter.

"While we wait for a committee to be formed the Police Minister (Bill Byrne) makes major unilateral decisions on firearm legislation, including recommendations to the National Firearms Agreement," Mr Katter said.

"Yet responsible firearms owners are still waiting to hear any terms of reference for the forum or details around how applicants can apply."

"The move looks to be a token gesture, especially now we are aware the submission to the National Firearms review has already been put forward," he said.

Mr Katter who has long called for the consultation on these issues believes that the delay in the establishment of the body is yet another tactic to keep discussions away from responsible shooters.

"Surely a government that prides itself on consultation would have consulted with the law abiding property owners, sportsmen and women before making a submission to some of the largest firearm reforms Australia has ever seen," he said.

Mr Katter believes the situation clearly illustrates the opinion the Minister has of licenced gun owners.

"This is all about best practice for policy development, the government has said they will consult but are yet to act," Mr Katter said.

"These groups can assist in enhancing safety measures and taxpayer costs on the issue of guns."

The KAP will continue to follow up with the Minister on the establishment of forum and the rights of responsible firearm owners across Queensland.