Julie Heagarty (CRCT) with Jazzie. Photo: John McCutcheon / Sunshine Coast Daily
Julie Heagarty (CRCT) with Jazzie. Photo: John McCutcheon / Sunshine Coast Daily john mccutcheon

Free wheelin’ pair making most of Coast

WHILE some people take their dogs for a walk, Julie Heagarty takes hers for a ride.

With her ears flapping in the wind, Jaz has prime position in a foam-lined basket on the front of Julie's bike.

Julie and Jaz have been a regular sight on Bli Bli streets for a couple of years.

After Julie knocks off from her nightshift, she grabs a couple of hours sleep before taking Jaz for a ride.

"If it's real hot, I'll wait a bit and do some household chores but we usually go for an hour, an hour-and-a-half - it depends on how I feel," Julie said.

"We go down to Muller Park and I let her go in the water the boat ramp. She'll go in and get her belly wet and cool off."

Jaz, a maltese terrier and bichon frise cross, has been Julie's best mate for about four years.

"I had a cat for 16 years called Jackie, but he got hit but a car, which was a shame because he would have lived until he was 21," Julie said.

"I'm allergic to dogs but my brother went online to find out what dogs didn't shed hair, which is why I got Jaz.

"After I got her, I took her riding straight away. I put her in the basket straight away so she could get used to it and she loves it."

Julie continued riding with Jaz once she moved to Bli Bli from the Gold Coast a couple of years ago.

"I'd had enough of the Gold Coast. I was looking everywhere and my mum had friends who lived at Bli Bli.

"So I came for a drive to the Sunshine Coast. I came to Bli Bli. It had the river and everything."

"One I sold my place, that was it. I came and had a look up here."

Julie, 52, works nightshift as a pastry cook at Noosaville.

She did her apprenticeship at 31, keen to get a trade under her belt after working in hotel and kitchen jobs.

She likes the Noosaville job because it does not involve heavy work, that is making and lifting trays of dough and bread.

"I'd done bread and stuff for years, but I've had enough of it.

"Where I work, there are people who do bread and me and another person do pastry and stuff."

She does not sleep much but still keeps busy around the house and riding with Jaz.

"I can't stand sitting around," she said.