Clairview received about 180-200mm of rain during Tuesday.
Clairview received about 180-200mm of rain during Tuesday. Frances Klein

Freak 200mm Clairview downpour 'the most rain since Debbie'

A FREAK isolated line of heavy showers has brought 200mm of rain to Clairview, just south of Mackay.

But surprisingly, the small band of showers that lingered over the area for close to nine hours today missed all official rain gauges, Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Rick Threlfall said.

After receiving anecdotal reports of rainfall totals of 180-200mm over Tuesday, and the Bureau's official rainfall map showing no rain apart from 1-17mm in some parts of the region, the BoM headquarters was next port of call.

"There's nothing in our observations that look anywhere near that amount," Mr Threlfall said.

He checked observations and went back through computer modelling to investigate.

"But looking back at the radar there were very slow moving heavy showers through there, but we don't have any gauges in that area that received anything," he said, sounding surprised.

"There was a slow moving trough in that area, I certainly can see that there this morning to about 1.30 this afternoon... so totals of that amount look possible but it's really fallen outside of our gauges."

A worker at the Barracrab Caravan Park confirmed they received "just under eight inches" while most other surrounding areas "and people just down the road" received nothing.

"We haven't seen this much rain since Cyclone Debbie," the worker said.

"We had our first shower probably about 4 in the morning and it rained until about 1.30pm."


Jo Coleman posted this photo of Tin Case Creek at the southern entrance to Clairview, saying
Jo Coleman posted this photo of Tin Case Creek at the southern entrance to Clairview, saying "180mm at Clairview. Apparently was closer to 200mm at the caravan park but we recorded 180mm at dad's place about half way along the beach. Very unexpected."

Mr Threlfall said according to official rainfall stats, nearby St Lawrence received zero rain throughout the day and Sucrogen Weir had 17mm.

"The humidity and moisture picked up through the day which contributed to this heavy rain band... it doesn't look particularly impressive but it looks like it stayed in the same spot for a period of time," he said.

"It just completely missed all our gauges."

As for the remainder of the week, Mr Threlfall said there "probably won't be too much" more rain to come.

"There's one or two showers in the region at the moment," he said.

"The next couple of days there's a bit of shower activity around, it'll be a cloudy day with one or two showers tomorrow then it'll fine up towards the end of the week."