Fraud trial stalls at the gate with new evidence found

A FRAUD trial has gotten off to a rocky start with the jury selected and discharged within hours to make way for new evidence.

Last month, Dimitrios Pagonidis pleaded not guilty to three counts of fraud and single counts of forging a document with a circumstance of aggravation and uttering a document with a circumstance of aggravation allegedly committed between September 2013 and March 2014, with his trial to begin today.

Pagonidis is accused of running a commercial spray booth business from Noosaville which allegedly failed to deliver a spray booth to a customer.

A jury of nine women and three men were selected this morning, but were stood down until the afternoon while Crown prosecutor Sarah Dennis and defence barrister Scott Neaves looked over new evidence which the Maroochydore District Court heard had only been unearthed last week.

After a four-hour adjournment, Judge David Andrews told the court due to the evidence, more needed to be done before the matter could go to trial.

The case has been adjourned to a date yet to be determined.

Pagonidis also successfully had two of his bail conditions changed, meaning he is now able to leave Queensland provided he gives an itinerary and contact number to the Director of Public Prosecutions, as he wishes to see his children in Victoria.

He will also no longer be required to report to a police station once a week.