Having a bushfire survival plan can be the difference between life and death.
Having a bushfire survival plan can be the difference between life and death. RICK RYCROFT

Four parts to your bushfire survival plan

PREPARING your home and property for bushfire season can be the difference between life and death.

The Queensland Rural Fire Service breaks down its preparation plan into four categories: structure, access, vegetation and personal.


  • Clear leaves, twigs, bark and other debris from the roof and gutters.
  • Purchase and test the effectiveness of gutter plugs.
  • Enclose open areas under decks and floors.
  • Install fine steel wire mesh screens on all windows, doors and vents.
  • Point LPG cylinder relief valves away from the house.
  • Conduct maintenance checks on pumps, generators and water systems.
  • Seal all gaps in external roof and wall cladding.


  • Display a prominent house or lot number, in case it is required in an emergency.
  • Ensure there is adequate access to your property for fire trucks - four metres wide by four metres high, with a turn-around area.


  • Reduce vegetation loads along the access path.
  • Mow your grass regularly.
  • Remove excess ground fuels and combustible material (long dry grass, dead leaves and branches).
  • Trim low-lying branches two metres from the ground surrounding your home.


  • Check you have sufficient personal protective clothing and equipment.
  • Relocate flammable items away from your home, including woodpiles, paper, boxes, crates, hanging baskets and garden furniture.
  • Check the first aid kit is fully stocked.
  • Make sure you have appropriate insurance for your home and vehicles.
  • Find out if there is a nearby Neighbourhood Safer Place.
  • Review and update your household Bushfire Survival Plan.

Numbers you need

Emergencies: 000

Non-emergencies: 13 GOVQ (13 74 68)