AUSTRALIAN Companion and Assistance Dogs is looking for volunteer foster families to help raise the next litter of assistance dogs.

ACAD are unique because they train dogs for each individual's disability whether it be mental illness, autism or mobility issues.

Unlike other assistance dog training the client is involved in the puppies training to help create an intimate bond and cater to the client's specific needs.

Harry the assistant dog.
Harry the assistant dog. Renee Pilcher

ACAD coordinator Becky Thomas overcame mental illness as a child with the aid of her pet dog and is now passionate about helping others.

"It's a great job, its hard work but the end result is amazing to see the bond between the person and their dog," she said.

"Having the client be involved in the training helps reduce anxiety and especially for people with mental illness it relieves stress.

"Everyone is different, we don't discriminate."

If you wish to get involved with ACAD you can contact them via or 0499 222 330.