‘It is a close race, it should make for an interesting afternoon,’ Former Mayor Bob Abbot
‘It is a close race, it should make for an interesting afternoon,’ Former Mayor Bob Abbot

Former Noosa and SC Mayor not surprised by close election

THE race for Noosa Mayor and team of Councillors is proving a close one, but it's no surprise for former Mayor Bob Abbot.

He believes a lack of communication and transparency from current leaders towards the business community have been their downfall and have potentially opened the doors for new blood.

"I am not surprised at all," Mr Abbot said.

"I've been reading the tea leaves.

"My newspaper has always been on the street."

"I've been picking up a fair bit of resentment from the business community about the response from Council," he said.

"I think their messaging has been bad."

"I don't think they've really told the whole story. That's a big part of the problem."

He offered some sound advice to both Mayor Tony Wellington and his challenger Clare Stewart who, at time of writing, were separate by less than one per cent of the votes counted.

"There are no losers here," Mr Abbot said.

"This sort of race means there are some issues in the community that need to be resolved.

"Whoever gets in need to work out what those issues are."

With councillor Ingrid Jackson stepping down and Frank Pardon imprisoned, there are at least two councillor spots up for grabs.

But the former Sunshine Coast and Noosa mayor was confident there would be a few more fresh faces in Council.

"There was always going to be three new councillors as far as I was concerned," he said.

"It's a new broom.

"I think there will be at least one or two incumbents. You need some continuity."

After a 30-year political career, Mr Abbot knows the pressures of election time better than most.

"I have seen some very, very nervous people in election time," he said.

"It' such an awful thing, it's an awful place to be.

"But that's why we put our names up."

For Big Bob, he was content just sitting on the sidelines and watching the race for our region's new Council team from the comfort of his own loungeroom.

"I am having my thrills today," he said.

"It is a close race, it should make for a very interesting afternoon."