MORE PLEASE: Noosa Waters residents want more council maintenance.
MORE PLEASE: Noosa Waters residents want more council maintenance. Peter Gardiner

'Fix our estate', Noosa Waters residents demand

AS FAR as Noosa Waters residents are concerned the council's landscaping maintenance of their prestige estate is just not cutting it.

The estate residents association has raised its concerns about "declining standards of landscaping maintenance” in local parks and roadside gardens caused by "severely reduced levels of council funding”.

Noosa Waters Residents Association president James Taylor said members of the group had been in talks with the council about lifting the level of service.

"One of the suggestions that council quoted was, would residents be prepared to pay an additional levy?” Mr Taylor said.

"Our concern is they are going to be asking us to step in when it's really their core function.”

Mr Taylor said the council was keen to spruik its budget constraint, "but if it is being achieved by cutting back services we think it's disgraceful”.

"The bottom line is they do not have the money to do the job.

"What we've said to them is 'look, this issue has been creeping up' because it's just been a gradual decline, with the boiling frog syndrome ... and you don't notice it happening if you do it gradually enough.”

Noosa Council infrastructure services director Carl Billingham said the council was working with the Noosa Waters Residents Association on the implementation of a trial to replace some of the existing palm trees with more appropriate street trees and landscaping.

He said Noosa Waters received the same level of landscape maintenance as other suburbs in the region, but the large number of palms in the estate were high maintenance and time consuming to look after.

"Due to the high number of falling palm fronds, it unfortunately can limit our ability, at times, to appropriately deal with other landscaping matters in the estate,” he said.

Mr Billingham said the council had worked collaboratively with residents to look at a trial of replacing palms in a few locations with more appropriate low maintenance trees. It would be done in conjunction with the residents association.

"If successful, council will have further discussions with residents about potentially upgrading other areas over time,” he said.

The latest NWRA newsletter said the council claimed it costs more per square kilometre to maintain Noosa Waters.

"When it was developed, the extent of public space, landscaping including flora were at the direction of Noosa Council,” it said.