Firefighters finally defeat wind-fuelled blaze

WHERE there's plenty of smoke there's a fire that just won't go away.

At least that seemed to be the situation with a fire which began on Friday at Little Mountain near Caloundra and was finally declared out yesterday morning.

The lengthy lifespan could be put down to the increasingly windy conditions, Caloundra brigade training and support officer Nigel Higgs said.

"Obviously, wind is a huge factor when you're talking about fire - when a fire starts it tilts the flame forward," he said, adding that flammable material feeds the fire as it draws in oxygen from behind.

"It's the fire triangle - fuel, heat and oxygen - and if you remove any one side the fire will go out.''

Mr Higgs said it was a sign we may be at the start of the fire season, which often begins in August, and residents need to be wary.

"If it's windy, really hot or there's a lot of fuel around, people need to decide if they should be lighting a fire," he said.

"If it is windy, people should just say 'it's not a good day to burn today'."

Mr Higgs said fire services had a hard time keeping a fire to its targeted area in windy conditions, so "the public are much more at risk".

He advised people to check out the Rural Fire Service Queensland's Bushfire Survival Plan online.

"Queensland Fire and Emergency Services crews and council staff remained on site to continue mopping up in the afternoon," Sunshine Coast Regional Council's Local Disaster Coordinator Andrew Ryan said.

"QFES will maintain a fire watch on site overnight.

"An assessment will be conducted in the morning and we expect operations will be finalised (today)."