Mt Coolum is recovering after a recent fire.
Mt Coolum is recovering after a recent fire. Warren Lynam

Firebug must be stopped before someone is killed

DETECTIVE Senior Sergeant Daren Edwards put voice yesterday to something that has worried many in our community since it was revealed last month someone was deliberately lighting fires.

"Obviously, it's going to result in someone being hurt or killed,” he said.

These fires have already had a real impact on the lives of Sunshine Coast people - such as the owners of the Marcoola business destroyed in a fire, or the people on Mt Coolum who had to stay up all night to defend their homes against the bushfire.

That, of course, doesn't take into account the harm done to wildlife on Mt Coolum by the fire or the days given up by Rural Fire Service volunteers who had to fight and monitor the blaze there.

It's hard to fathom the mind of someone prepared to risk people's lives - both in a literal sense and in terms of their homes, businesses, and other property. There is, presumably, something pathologically wrong with someone prepared to do that or even just risk doing that to other human beings.

Is it just a fascination with fire and a selfishness that disregards the impact on others?

Is it an expression of anger and some nihilistic need for destruction?

Is it some twisted desire for notoriety, similar to that shown by graffiti "taggers” but on a much bigger scale?

Whatever the motivation, the person responsible for these fires can expect a severe penalty.

Our only hope is the police and courts are able to deliver that penalty before someone else has to pay it as well.