Belinda Scarcella and her partner Daniel Light are looking for green space and a belly dancing studio.
Belinda Scarcella and her partner Daniel Light are looking for green space and a belly dancing studio.

Fire in belly for $600K dream green escape

She is a belly dancing instructor, he is a fire twirling ecologist.

They met and instantly connected at a permaculture farm and have now gone public with a dream of making their own green escape to the country.

Not just anywhere or at any price.

Daniel Light and his partner of more than four years Belinda Scarcella, his true Bel, want to secure more than 2ha of natural living in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

And like the popular British lifestyle show Escape to the Country, they are upfront that they are keen to secure their 50-year sustainability project for about $600,000 to, as Daniel puts it, “start growing the soil and start a real life”.

“We’ll have a studio for Bel to do her (belly dancing) art out of, have experimental gardens for me to kind of share knowledge and learn some knowledge myself,” Daniel said.

“Ideally we want north of Nambour, south of Cooroy, but we’re not fixated on anything other than having views and at least four acres (but preferably six).

Daniel Light and his partner of more than four years Belinda Scarcella.
Daniel Light and his partner of more than four years Belinda Scarcella.

Here’s their property shopping list “in order of priorities”:

Minimum 6 acres, elevated with a landscape/horizon view, two or more acres bush, 1 acre cleared.

Locality: North of Nambour, South of Cooroy.

Dwelling: house, shed, cabin, something to live in. Dam, rural zoning, mains power and water, second dwelling, shed, orchid/ gardens with irrigation.

“What I’ve written down is the ideal, if something comes up that ticks a few of the boxes then we’re definitely open to that,” he said.

Daniel said for the past five years they’d lived in a van, caravan-on-farm and downstairs studio in a Queenslander to save up for their “very own green baby”.

He has a passion for restoring and managing ecosystems and Bel is the director and teacher of Bellydance Sunshine Coast as well as a part time cook.

Daniel also dabbles in fire twirling and together their creative energies have given life to another fabulous green offspring.

“We’ve just written a play and we’re tying all that together now,” Daniel said.

“Ultimately the underlying story of the play is humans understanding working with the cycles of nature.

“That’s going to premier on October 30 and the Eumundi School of Arts Hall,” he said.

He said it would be great to settle in to start living the dream soon as possible.

Daniel Light is a man of the trees.
Daniel Light is a man of the trees.

“We have plans to build a dance studio for Bel to teach from and grow gardens full of organic, experimental veggies, fruit trees, compost and the-lot for the future kiddies to get a healthy dose of vitamin B12 whilst feeling close to nature and community,” he said.

He believes their ideal is attainable “because we’re really open with a modest dwelling”.

“If there was a shed that had power and it ticked all the boxes I think we’d go with that,” he said.

“I think it’s pretty feasible for something to come up.

“We’ve checked out a few – there was one that ticked most boxes and even had a three-bedroom house on it.”

Daniel said it was available for $650,000 “but we could probably get it if we pulled some strings, but it did not have those horizontal views”.

“We’ve only been looking for a few months, so you’ve got to be patient if it something you’re going to be living in for 50 years, so what’s a few months waiting for the right thing to come up?” he said.

“It could very well be in a year or two’s time we could be going go damn we should have got it.

“I think we will have to compromise in the dwelling or a few other things.”

Daniel and Bel have been together for four-a-half-years.

“We met on a permaculture farm in Kin Kin, we just hit it off,” he said.

“It was a romantic night and a community feast and we just chatted.”

Daniel said Bel was meant to be performing at an open mic night at the Maroochydore Sol Bar, and he turned up to meet her.

“For whatever reason she wasn’t there.”

However they finally connected and now they looking to be totally grounded if the price and the view is right.

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