Noosa guided walks are a highlight of the upcoming Sunshine Coast Wildflower Festival.
Noosa guided walks are a highlight of the upcoming Sunshine Coast Wildflower Festival.

Fire havoc, then comes the wild floral magic

After the devastation of the Sunshine Coast’s wild fires comes the green shoots and even fresh flowering.

The upcoming Sunshine Coast Wildflower Festival will showcase the region’s resilience when it comes to bushfire regeneration.

Council to receive $1 million for fuire recovery

Noosa Integrated Catchment Association is among the local groups excited by the 18 free walks on offer from the Glass House Mountains in the south to Noosa North Shore.

“Noosa will showcase nature at its best including its wonderful spring wildflowers,” said NICA’s Gill Studdock.

A native orchid in flower.
A native orchid in flower.

The full program runs from Saturday August 15 to Sunday August 30 co-ordinated by Sunshine Coast Council with activities including fire management for biodiversity and traditional cultural landscape.

An online article published at the said Australian flora has evolved to cope with fire.

“Many plants from fire-prone ecosystems have evolved strategies to survive, and even thrive, with fire,” it said.

“Some resprout after fire, with green shoots bursting from blackened stems. For others, fire stimulates flowering.”

Blooming wonderful.
Blooming wonderful.

Mr Studdock said Noosa Integrated Catchment Association is one of the groups guiding four walks in the Noosa area.

“The walks have been chosen to enable people to explore some of the many different habitats and plant communities around Noosa,” he said.

“NICA’s four walks will be led by experienced local guides – botanists and naturalists – who will inspire and share their knowledge along the way,” Mr Studdock said.

The public can choose from the popular headland section of Noosa National Park, a hidden gem in Girraween Nature Refuge at Noosa Heads, the woodlands of Arthur Harrold Nature Refuge at Noosa North Shore and a discovery tour of the mysteries of mangroves at Noosaville.

This last walk is fully accessible to people in wheelchairs.

The full program of walks and activities can be found on the Sunshine Coast Council website;

Limited places are available on the walks, for NICA’s four walks only, email