HEALTH: TheHinterHypno Shannon Macdonald from Black Mountain.
HEALTH: TheHinterHypno Shannon Macdonald from Black Mountain. Contributed

Feel the benefits of clinical hypnosis

THE latest in hypnotherapy treatment has a home in Noosa's hinterland.

TheHinterHypno in Black Mountain provides hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming and life/success coaching.

With a Diploma of Modern Psychology and as an Australian Hypnotherapists Association member, TheHinterHypno's Shannon Macdonald is passionate about what she does.

"Hypnosis is a natural human state and people move in and out of states of hypnosis everyday and as such, everybody is able to experience hypnosis at their own level and gain immense benefit from it,” Ms Macdonald said.

"In fact, research by Professor Alfred Barrios as published in American Health Magazine revealed that of all the psychotherapies, hypnotherapy offered the highest percentage of recovery in the least number of sessions.”

Clinical hypnotherapy can be used successfully in an wide range range of presenting challenges such as depression, insomnia, anxiety, grief, procrastination, pain, weight loss, smoking cessation, sports performance and many other physical and mental challenges.

Ms Macdonald is trained in "critical point analysis” and can identify quickly the most important part of the presenting problem and tailor every session to create the most significant change in the most efficient time frame.

One of Ms Macdonald's other passions is life/success coaching.

She runs four, six or eight-week programs to help locals "get clear, get motivated, take action and achieve results”.

For more visit or call 0417255454. Mention this Noosa News article to receive a 10 per cent discount during July and August.