ROBERT Grace and his mate Jason McOll are braver than most.

The pair were fishing off Sunshine Beach in Noosa hunting for tuna when they stumbled upon a feeding frenzy.

An estimated 15 bull sharks were lurking around them, splashing about, surrounding their jet skis.

Mr Grace had time to video what he called "controlled chaos" from the back of his ski.

"It would have been at around 10 or 11am and we were about 1km off shore," Mr Grace said.

"There were five bait balls with a heap of sharks in each one.

"The bait fish were trying to hide under our skis, then the bull sharks turned up.

"They'd all take in turns, so organised and just attacked the fish. It was pretty great to see. But I was just trying to make sure I didn't fall off. It was pretty daunting."

Sharks having a feeding frenzy at Sunshine Beach in Noosa.
Sharks having a feeding frenzy at Sunshine Beach in Noosa. Robert Grace

Mr Grace has been chasing big fish in the region for 40 years, but he's never seen a feeding frenzy like the one encountered recently..

That wasn't their only sighting.

"When we originally turned up we saw a 4m great white shark cruise by, didn't have time to get the camera out though," he said.

"Then we saw a tiger shark just as big. It was pretty nerve-wracking to be honest."