Connor Cockerton.
Connor Cockerton.

Family’s $120k mission to give Connor a normal life

A FAMILY is desperately trying to raise $120,000 to help a former Childers boy in a time of need.

In 2018 Connor Cockerton was diagnosed with a tumor inside his spinal cord at the bottom of his brainstem, after suffering months of chronic headaches, lack of balance and tingling sensations in his limbs.

According to the Gofundme page, set up by his sister Sian, Connor had to give up his carpentry apprenticeship in Brisbane after completing three years of the four-year course.

Sian says the family were told that Australian neurosurgeons considered surgery too risky, so the only treatment they had was pain management.

At 21, Connor is now in chronic pain that's affecting every aspect of his life.

"To top it all off, the latest medical scans from June 2020 show that the tumour has increased in size," Sian said.


Connor Cockerton's tumour has become worse between 2018 (left) and 2020 (right).
Connor Cockerton's tumour has become worse between 2018 (left) and 2020 (right).


There is hope for Connor however, and that hope is surgery with Charlie Teo in Sydney (Covid-19 restrictions permitting).

After consulting with renowned surgeon Teo, he said there was no doubt the tumor is the cause of Connor's pain and he strongly recommended surgery to "remove the large intramedullary C1/C2 Cavernoma causing worsening neurological deterioration and pain".

There are no guarantees with the surgery, but it's the best shot Connor has at a normal life.

Sian says her brother was raised to be hard-working and kind-hearted.

"Connor will always help someone who is going through a hard time and put them before himself," she said.

"I remember so many times when Connor has taken people under his wing, finding work or accommodation for mates, even giving up his own bed at times."

The family has so far hit more than $33,000 of their $120,000 goal.

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