Two people have found themselves on the wrong side of the law following abusive social media posts.
Two people have found themselves on the wrong side of the law following abusive social media posts.

Facebook posts land two in legal trouble

YOUNG people who use social media to harass others will face the full might of the law.

That was the warning from Maryborough magistrate Terry Duroux after two people pleaded guilty to charges linked to offending, insulting and harassing others on Facebook.

In the first matter, police prosecutor Senior Constable Balan Selvadurai said Brianna Cottrell took to the social media platform to harass her partner's ex.

"The defendant sent a number of messages in June last year. She insulted the complainant and her body and even threatened her with revenge porn," Snr Constable Selvadurai said.



Cottrell's lawyer Morgan Harris said his client had also been harassed by the complainant.

He said Cottrell, 20, wanted to join the armed forces and suffered from a number of medical conditions.

Mr Duroux asked for supporting medical documents and details of Cottrell's applications to join the army but Mr Harris was unable to produce them.

The magistrate described the messages Cottrell sent to the complainant as outrageous.

Mr Duroux decided not to convict Cottrell but did impose a $1000 recognisance order.

In the second case, Nathan Watson pleaded guilty to harassing a woman he met online.

"Watson and the complainant decided to meet in person. However, the complainant chose not to see him again," Snr Constable Selvadurai said.

Watson then sent photos of his penis to the woman.

The prosecutor said the 24-year-old was blocked online by the complainant.

"He created a new profile and continued with the abusive comments," Snr Constable Selvadurai said.

"He told her to f--- off, called her a s--- and said her father must molest her," he said.

Watson also told the complainant she was giving everyone sexually transmitted diseases.

Mr Harris said his client complied with police and had been facing personal issues.

"His partner had just suffered a miscarriage, which placed him in a difficult situation," he said.

Mr Duroux fined Watson $1000 and recorded the conviction.

The magistrate said people must be aware there are consequences for making abusive comments online.