A Fraser Island dingo.
A Fraser Island dingo.

EXPLAINED: Why multiple Fraser campsites are closed

Several campsites on Fraser Island have been closed due to ongoing interaction between humans and dingoes.

Eli, Maheno, Guluri and Wahba campgrounds are closed until June with Wathumba campground, Teebing camping area and Wathumba Road until February 28.

A Department of Environment and Science spokesman explained why closing the campgrounds were necessary.

"By keeping them separated … the animals won't be around humans, so no possible food source or interactions," he said

According to the department interactions with dingoes included deliberately feeding them, posing for selfies with the animals or accidentally, inadvertently interacting with them.

When asked about whether there would be further campground closures, the spokesman said that was "yet to be determined."

Feeding dingoes is illegal and people are also advised to secure food and rubbish, distance themselves from the animals, walk in groups on the island and steer clear of dingoes wherever possible.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Ranger Linda Behrendorff said the department had zero tolerance for people who intentionally fed or interfered with dingoes and would hold offenders accountable.

"Anyone who breaks the law by deliberately feeding or interacting with dingoes, or failing to secure their food and rubbish, can expect a fine or to appear in court," she said

"We regularly receive photos, videos and information from tour group operators and members of the public about dingo offences."

DES reminds people to remain vigilant and report any negative dingo encounters to a QPWS ranger or phone 07 4127 9150 or email: dingo.ranger@des.qld.gov.au