There are lots of precautions you can take when heading out to do your shopping.
There are lots of precautions you can take when heading out to do your shopping.

EXPERT TIPS: Best way to do your shopping during pandemic

DOING your regular grocery shop in 2020 is different - especially in the midst of a pandemic.

Unlike the horrors of bushfires or floods, the global outbreak of a deadly virus is posing many questions, particularly about the things we can't directly see.

Virologist and Professor in Microbiology and Molecular Biology at the University of New South Wales, Peter White, said that infected people were more dangerous than surfaces.

"It depends on how much of the virus is put onto a surface, from someone really sick, say 10 billion in the range of aerosol of a sneeze - that wouldn't be good," he said.

Prof White added the coronavirus can remain on surfaces for up to 24 hours.

He reiterated the key was to wash your hands regularly and keep your hands from your face, nose and eyes.

When it comes to doing the shopping, he recommends following these tips.

What to do before you shop:

• Don't go shopping if you are sick - get your groceries delivered and left outside your door

• Prepare a list before you go and take with you

• Take your own bags and hand sanitiser

• Have one person only do the grocery shopping.


What to do at the shops:

• Wipe your hands after every touch. Avoid your face, nose and eyes

• Don't touch anything unless you're going to buy it

• Don't squeeze fruit or vegies. Wrap your hand in a plastic bag first

• Ensure social distancing of 1.5 metres

• Face masks can stop you touching your face, that's about it

• Avoid cash

• Use payWave or contactless payment options click and collect

• Forget receipts.


What to do when you get home:

• Sanitise your hands before you start to unpack your groceries

• Have only one person unpack the groceries - no more

• You don't have to disinfect everything.


Prof White encouraged everyone to be polite to supermarket staff.

"We rely on the supermarkets to be employing healthy people," he said.

"They are now at the entrances wiping over trolley and basket handles, and the self-serve areas."