Everything you need to do if your car is damaged by hail

This is everything you need to know if your vehicle or property gets damaged this storm season.

What should motorists do if they're caught in a hailstorm?

The RACQ told The Courier-Mail pulling over is the safest course of action during a storm. During storm season, it also recommended checking the weather forecast before starting your trip.

What is the first thing to do if your car is damaged in a storm?

Anyone with car insurance should lodge a claim with their insurer as soon as possible.

What levels of insurance cover hail and storm damage?

The RACQ, QBE and the NRMA said comprehensive motor and home insurance covered storm damage, but customers should check their product disclosure statement.

Can motorists still drive a hail-damaged car if they put in an insurance claim?

Any unroadworthy vehicle cannot be driven. The Insurance Council of Australia warned even "relatively light" damage, such as a broken indicator or cracked windscreen, rendered a car unsafe to drive.

Vehicles with panel dents and paint damage can still be driven until your insurer can make an assessment.

What are some ways to mitigate the risk of hail damage?

The RACQ advises residents to clean gutters of their homes and invest in a padded cover for cars which are frequently parked in the open.

Why should I report any storm damage straight away?

QBE said it was common practice for insurers to have suppliers on standby for home repairs. "The sooner your insurer knows about your damage, the sooner they can help repair the damage and prevent further damage," the insurer said.