THERE are so many famous Old Etonians that the school has to divide them into categories, including prime ministers, royals, martyrs and saints.

Never before, however, has it produced stars in the field of 'K-pop', or high-energy Korean disco music.

Until now. A group of sixth formers from the public school have created an internet smash hit in that very genre, after posting a video parody of the number one hit 'Gangnam Style' on YouTube.

By last night, just 24 hours after it went online, 'Eton Style' - filmed by the boys in the grounds of Prince William and Harry's former school - had been viewed more than 43,000 times and was trending on Twitter.

In it, they perform the horseriding-style dance moves of Psy, the singer who had a worldwide hit with the original version, which pokes fun at Gangnam, an affluent area in South Korea.

The Etonians, dancing in their school uniform of tailcoat and white tie, lampoon their own posh image with lines including: 'Me and my homies runnin' around and getting dizzy, don't even know what we drank but we'll take it if it's fizzy, I think it might be Moet at a hundred pounds a bottle, 'cause here we drink that just like water.'

It culminates in the chorus, which goes: 'But we got Eton style, Eton style yah yah yah yah, yah.'

As the video looked set to go viral last night, Eton headmaster Tony Little confirmed that the boys were all 17 and pupils at the £32,000-a-year school, and that he had watched it and enjoyed it.

Mr Little said he had known the youngsters had been planning 'something', but they were not discouraged - and the teachers who appeared in it 'were happy' to take part.

Describing it as 'a self-deprecating bit of fun,' Mr Little said the boys had come up with the idea themselves.

When asked if he thought the video was funny, Mr Little replied: 'It's a bit more than that, they are taking an astute look at the parody elements of how the school is seen by others.'

As to their new-found internet fame, he said: 'I think they will be very wise to have their moment and then concentrate on more important things.'

It comes a week after Boris Johnson entertained the Tory party conference by telling how he and fellow Old Etonian David Cameron had danced to Gangnam style at Chequers.